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How to Connect Your Calendar

In this section, we'll go over how to get you and your band members' calendars authorized in RunABand so you can manage schedules more efficiently and start booking more gigs.

RunABand works with the calendars found on most mobile devices including Google, Apple, and Microsoft. Your members don't have to download an app or go to a website. They just use the calendar on their mobile device or computer. After each band member connects their personal calendar with the band calendar in RunABand all calendars will sync up automatically.

Personal details cannot be seen by any other member. Only the band leader can see when the members have something scheduled. The band members' schedules show as a Conflict in the band calendar. The only information the band leader can see is the band member name, date, and time of the Conflict.

Step 1

Log into your RunABand account at

If you haven't become a member yet, create and verify your account.

On the dashboard, you will see a message that says Authorize a Calendar. Click on the link to Authorize Calendar Access Now.

Step 2

Connect the calendar service that you use on your mobile device or desktop computer.


Follow along with the video below to connect your Google calendar.

Apple iCloud

Follow along with the video below to connect your Apple iCloud calendar.

Note: Instructions to create an app-specific password for Apple iCloud accounts can be found here:

Office 365

Follow along with the video below to connect your Office 365 calendar.

Follow along with the video below to connect your calendar.

You're done! Click on My Calendar on the menu and you will see the events from your personal calendar, as well as any band events. This is your view of your personal calendar. No other members can see your personal calendar. The leader of the band can only see if you are free or busy in the band's calendar, not specifics about your appointments.